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Welcome to the official website for project FLAB, we are glad to see you along the ride towards a stable 1.0 release

Project FLAB is being developed as a addon to Wordpress which will unlock a whole range of features that will make wordpress interact witha Flash enviroment. The project will run on

  • PHP version 4.2 or greater
  • MySQL version 3.23.23 or greater
  • Wordpress 2.0.4 or greater
  • Macromedia Flash Player 8 (Most Likely 9 by release)
  • Apache Requirements unknown at this stage

The aims of Project FLAB are

  • Continue to let Wordpress run normally
  • Continue to be light weight
  • Be modifiable
  • Let users make their own templates and mods
  • switch between WP HTML and FLAB

The basic primary features will be

  • Posting, Commenting, Editing
  • InFlash popup's
  • Link directly to posts via Flash

Secondary features will be added after Alpha

Current Development
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Thanks to everyone who has supported the project wether it be code, links or testing!